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Sunday, 27 January 2008

Up the Wall

Did i tell you Beaver is into climbing?

Will, dad of one of Beaver's friends at school, suggested we join them one day when they go to the indoor climbing gym. The physio had mentioned it would be a good thing for him to do - and with Beaver not having had any physiotherapy for two years now, we're always up for trying something fun and useful. Because his legs are wobbly (as he calls it) he has relatively good upper body strenght, so climbing is an excellent thing for him to do. Lots of hand-eye and feet-eye coordination to work on! - and in this environment i don't need to worry about him falling and breaking something.

So here he is, the Beaver going up the wall.

He enjoyed it so much that we've been back, and i think we will go again. Might even look into some regular lessons for next term -while the weather is still fine we will stick to swimming lessons for now. Beaver is determined to graduate from belly-flops to proper dives. He only practices about 20 times a day....

But the climbing has been a huge success all round.

Thank you Will.

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Dianne said...

Hi Heike,
I have just discovered blogging and have been reading through your blog.
This picture is so great! Beaver looks so confident! I used to rockclimb and I've often wondered if it would be a good activity for my Satria when he gets a little older. I am so pleased to see it has been a success for you and Beaver!