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Sunday, 27 January 2008

Look, Possum is getting ready for "big school".

He's proud to go. He's been waiting to go, and now he finally gets to walk through the doors of that hallowed institution, "real" school. And learn how to read. And write. To finally be granted access to those scribbles that open up a whole new world. The idea that he may be able to read a book all by himself, without needing to ask an adult, is magic.

At the same time, he's scared. Worried he can't read yet (i keep reassuring him that's what school is about). Worried about not being able to play. Worried about toilet stops. Worried about not having mummy there. Thankfully, he's met both his teachers and knows one of them relatively well. He's also met some of the other kids, and already talks about them as his friends. We had a little get together on Tuesday at the playground opposite the school and one of the boys took him to join the others running around in the bushes - as far as Possum goes, that makes him his best friend forever (for now).

Only one more day of life before school.

Such a big step...

Two peas in a pod - Possum wanted Daddy to put his jacket and tie on too. Sweet eh?


Susan, Mum to Molly said...

Gorgeous photos. Hope Possum had a wonderful first day at school (today?).

Our big day with big sister starting at big school is tomorrow. Could it get any BIGGER??

I freely admit that I am completely not ready for her to go...

Fiona said...

Heike - what a beautiful photo