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Tuesday, 25 August 2009

New additions to the Family

Look. Our family has expanded.

This here are Princess Leia and Hannah Montana. As you can see, they are two much loved new family members.

We decided a couple of weeks ago to have a go at having chooks. I found a company called Rent a Chook. They make it very easy. You buy a chookpen, food, hay and two chooks, take the whole lot home and see how you go. If you don't like it, you can return them within 6 weeks and you get your money back (minus the $100 deposit).Not a bad deal. I went for a small mobile second hand coop, as I really want the chooks to roam around freely.

The kids think they are the best pets. Nice and big, relatively easy to catch and hold and pat and cuddle and kiss. Within weeks they started laying eggs, first one, and now two eggs wait for us every morning. And yes, fresh eggs are something else! The kids open the chook pen every morning when we head off to school, and close it when they come home (and before it gets dark and the fox comes calling!).

The only trouble is, they like going to the neighbours' gardens, and some of them are not too keen on the mess the girls make. I shoo them away whenever I see them, and put the hose on them if they are in range. They should learn quickly - and then of course, I will placate the neighbours with a monthly fresh supply of eggs.


fabig said...

Now, ik verheug mij al op elke dag een vers ei, als we in november komen.!!!!!
De jongens zien er gelukkig uit en ze zijn zo te zien allebij heel goed gegroeid.
Tot binnenkort, Helma

Dianne said...

What a great idea! Chooks are definitely on our agenda as soon as we get a decent sized back yard. I am slightly worried about Little Bean who enjoys chasing chickens around, but figure they could do with the exercise ;-).

And yummo to freshly laid eggs. There really is nothing better. Enjoy!