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Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Beaver Boy

Beaver Boy is having a good patch.

Last week, he received a Headmaster's Award for Courage at school. Handed to him by the headmaster, in full assembly. The boy was proud.

He also got a Star of the Week at Drama classes that Saturday. And this week, he was awarded Merit Card for helping a mother at the school who was looking for something she lost, of his own volition. Proud again. He has also learned to button his shirt.

Yes, he's having a good patch. He's happy, cheeky, boisterous, and very busy learning his lines for this year's Shakespeare play. He has 5 solo lines, and then about 20 as part of the Chorus, which I assume involves a big group. Possum is learning his lines too, so it's all Ye Olde English in this house at the moment. The kids are doing shows again and they've even started writing their own plays in the school playground at lunchtime play. Finally something at lunchtime play Beaver loves to join in with. Today he took a silly hat for their play, in which he plays "a baddie". That's all I know. That's all I need to know. His class is playing something, and he's a part in it. Unbelievable.

But the most amazing development is in the bedroom.



Beaver is sleeping in his own bed again!

Two weeks ago he suddenly decided that he would like to sleep in the same room as his brother, so they get to chat in the dark together. We put the boys to bed, fully expecting Beaver to turn up after some minutes. He didn't . We figured he'd come when we go to bed. He didn't. We expected it to last only one or two nights. It's been more than two weeks now.

I've probably jinxed it by posting about it today, but we're starting to get hopeful here.

And we're enjoying the new found freedom of being able to go into our bedroom to get a jumper. There are no longer bedsheets on the sofa.

We still live in wonder at such mundane things...

I know you can't quite believe it either. So tonight, I'll take a picture. Ok?


Big brother, Little sister. said...

Oh wow on the sleeping arrangements!!! yay you have given me hope!
Congrats to Beaver on being such a star !

fabig said...

Dat is dan toch na een langere pauze een heel positiev verhaal, met all zijn awards in school en weer terug in zijn eigen bed. Wij denken, dat beaver toch still aan volwassener wordt. geef hem een dikke kus van opa en oma voor al dit, en dit 2 anderen natuurlijk niet vergeten

Anonymous said...

I am so thrilled to hear that Beaver is doing so well!

Awesome that he's sleeping in his own bed at his own volition and on his own terms. I reckon for that reason it's going to stick! Great stuff!

Love hearing about the theatre too. I think drama is a great equaliser and an excellent activity to be involved in. Sounds like the boys are at a great school!


gina said...

Yay on the sleep, and the great lunchtime play.

anita said...

Ich schliesse mich den Aussagen von fabig said an. Das ist ja grossartig mit Beaver. Gib den Dreien auch von Tante Anita ein paar dicke Schmatzer.