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Monday, 22 December 2008

Wii Kids

We bought a Wii.

We have studiously avoided buying any of these game things before (whatever they were called, Game Boys, XBox whathaveyou). I figure kids nowadays need less time sitting in front of the TV than more. But the Wii is different.

It has been used in rehabilitation and as a physiotherapy tool. Unlike with other games, you hold a remote which picks up on your movement and translates that into the movement on the screen. So it's far more active.

To give you an idea, here is Beaver boxing (with a remote in each hand). And you know what? He was pretty good too. Very fancy footwork. And a mean right hook punch.

Possum is more a golf player, and also surprisingly good at the game, given he's never even seen a game of golf played. He also likes the car racing games, of course. W

And Boo Boo? She loves them all. You should see her "boxing" her little arms around like a mad woman. It's a sight to see...


Sharon said...

So cute! My children like the Wii too. It's fun and sorta physical and good for all the family. They all loved making the little Mii people too.

Jodi said...

I think I am about to cave and buy a WII....stay tuned.

Casdok said...

Ive wondered about buying one for me - i mean my son. They do look like great fun!
Merry christmas!

Dianne said...

We had one on our Christmas wish list too....but being the tight fisted gal that I am, I decided to wait until they go down in price a little.

Really glad that yours is a winner. Puts another tick in the box for me to buy one in the new year.

I hope you and your family had a wonderful Christmas!!!


A Bishops Wife said...

My kids got an xbox360.
I kinda do not like it much.

Hi-I just found you.
Beautiful blog, beautiful family.