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Tuesday, 16 December 2008


I don't know what's going on with that boy at all at the moment.

After the big sleeping showdown, we've had a bit of a turn-around.

On Tuesday, Possum had a playdate with one of his classmates. I intended to drop him off, then take the other two kids to release a Blue Tongue Lizard, go to a cafe for lunch, possibly shop a bit, and then pick up Possum. As it turns out, there was another classmate, and his mum was there, so we all ended up chatting. Later another mum joined the group. And we mothers, we chatted. And the kids played.

Now if you know Beaver a bit, you know how amazing those last two sentences are.

You see, normally Beaver sits with me and the mums. He joins in with our chats. Tries to steer the conversation towards one of his favorite subjects of the moment.

But no. Beaver was playing with the other kids. For two hours, I did not see that boy once. Then he came to ask where the toilet was, and off he was again. He played with the other kids. The other boys. He played with transformers! And bionicles!

As if that is not a miracle in itself, he told me when we got home that he was now going to play with boys toys, and wants a bionicle for his Christmas. And he gave his handbag away to his brother. Can you believe that? His handbag!

He told me he's still into boots and lipstick, but also transformers and cars and bionicles. He still likes girl things, but he now also likes boy things. Ok.

And it gets more amazing.

He's sleeping!

That night after the big showdown, he slept straight through. After a big chiropractic reflexes adjustment (thank you Mel! And it was lovely to see you!!) he slept through again. And all the other nights, he's been up once, done a wee, and came to Dad to take him back to bed. And promptly went to sleep again.

Mind you, during the day he's a handful. Pestering the birds. Pestering his brother. Pestering me. That boy, he's full of testosterone at the moment. I wonder if it's that that makes him play with the boys and sleep a tired sleep afterwards.

In any case, it's an interesting and not unwelcome change!

That boy, he never stops amazing us, one way or the other...


Anonymous said...

I'm not sure that I remember what true sleep is. I meant to post on your previous entry only my internet has been playing up. Hopefully all fixed now.
I'm so happy for you with this breakthrough. Moo wants a barbie that sings star wars and can't possibly understand why they don't produce one. And me, I can't work it out either;-)

Anonymous said...

Wow! That's wonderful to hear of so many positive developments - esp when you have had such a tough time the last couple of months and (especially) weeks.

They really are amazing... I think your blog has lived up to its name lately!

Elizabeth xx

Anonymous said...

ditto Elizabeth's comment.

That darned Mattel Co. - doesn't think of these obvious things themselves. chkl.


Dianne said...

How fantastic!!! Having children with good sleep patterns just makes the whole world seem like a better place - (says me, who will be taking another trip to sleep school in Jan for my little Bean!). We LOVE our chiropractor too. There's always better sleep after visits to see him. Magic hands!

And it's so lovely to hear that Beaver is happy and making such big boy decisions. I was sorry to read earlier that he was going through a tough time, so it's great to hear that he's turned a corner. Here's looking forward to a super 2009 for him and for you all!

All the best!

melriv said...

I'm so gald to hear there have been some changes. It's pretty powerful stuff