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Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Wildlife Carer

Some people have been shaking their head at me.

Not busy enough yet? they ask. Want to become a saint? Can't get enough of being a carer?

Well, bollocks to that.

When I first came to Australia hubby and I toured around for some months. Like most new visitors I was amazed with the native wildlife - how different it was, and how much of it there was around. And I vividly remember my first roadside sign that asked people to call a certain phone number to report injured local wildlife. Hubby explained to me that if you hit a kangaroo with your car, you should go and check the animal - including its pouch for joeys. There were people out there that would take care of the animals and nurse them - or rear them in the case of babies - until they were ready for release again. In Alice Springs we ran into a lady that carried a baby kangaroo with her in an old tea cosy and fed it every few hours. What a great idea, I thought. I would like to do that!

So two weekends ago, I did the basic training course. And now I am a registered Wildlife carer for Sydney Wildlife this new journey on my new blog:


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tony smith said...

wow, well done for that - my friend from School has just had a baby and she also works with british wildlife, so I know how rewarding she finds it, and I bet you're in for some good times!

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