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Wednesday, 12 November 2008


It seems that both Boo Boo and I have come down with a case of the dreaded Chicken Pox.

For a day and a half, I was hoping that we had been bitten by bird lice or mites (see my new blog http://wildliferescuestories.blogspot.com/). But I went to see my local GP, and she doesn't seem to agree. Apparently it can take a week or more between feeling ill and the appearance of the first spots. Which makes me wonder if last week's virus that caused my vertigo may have been the early stage. Who knows. In any case, we're contagious right now...

Which means a seriously reduced social life.

It means a forced holiday from the therapy rigmarole.

It means no family get-together to celebrate Beaver's birthday this Sunday (thankfully he decided not to have a kids' party and wants to go to the movies with his Dad instead).

It means a very attractive rash on my neck, chest and arms, and Boo Boo's face, neck, ears and tummy.

And off course, it means lots of itchy moments, trying not to scratch.

Oh parenthood. It's full of surprises.


Anonymous said...

Feeling sympathetic for your itchiness - and for BooBoo, too. You seem to be taking it pretty well. That's a lousy illness no matter what your age.

Anonymous said...

I hope you both end up with a mild dose. It's not fun.

Anonymous said...

I had chicken pox when I was about 20. It started on my face and the doctor thought I had a bad case of acne ;-). Lucky it was quite mild in the end. I hope you and Boo Boo recover quickly and get treated royally by the rest of the family!
AND happy birthday to Beaver for Sunday! What film has he chosen to see?