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Sunday, 12 October 2008


Last week, my sweet little possum had a friend over for a play date.

The boys had fun. At one point, they were busy in the sandpit, making a castle.

Suddenly, Possum came out with the opening lines of his role in the coming Shakespeare play.

And his mate responded with the next lines. Possum joined in. These are not their lines, they belong to some girls in the class. But the children have practiced their play for the school's big Shakespeare Festival in November so often, that the kids pretty much know the whole piece.

And so, we were treated to two five year old boys, sitting in a sandpit, reciting an abridged version of "A Midsummer Nights' Dream".

Wonderfully surreal!


Shannon said...

I am just catching up (long break on my end) so this comment is a bit all over the place. I'll go backward-
I'm so impressed with Possum and his little buddy! Didn't realize that we should be working on Shakespeare.
I love Boo Boo's puddle running. It makes my heart warm when our little people find new ways to have old fun. Go girl!
And back a bit further- I (and Ben through me)am so lucky to have a window to your experience. Your "Loser" post is beautiful and I am saving that link to remind me/give me the words for the next time this comes up with Ben. Will you please tell Beaver how important he is to Ben? Ben looks to Beaver as what he may be able to accomplish one day. An inspiration across the globe!
Thank you and love to you all!

Anonymous said...

Is everyone asleep? Can't believe I'm first say in agreement SURREAL. Perfect word for a wonderful parent memory!