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Wednesday, 8 October 2008


What does a two year old do when they see a puddle? Jump into it.

What does a two year old who uses a wheelchair do when they see a puddle?

As you can see from the tyre tracks, many many times.

In and out of the puddle. Fun!

Yee Haa !


Fiona said...

So do 13 year olds. And look out for the first opportunity to "run" through autumn leaves - they crunch incredibly well under rubber tyres. Our kids don't need to miss out on simple pleasures!

Dianne said...

What great pics!

She is absolutely beaming and she must have been really powering as it looks like she managed to get mud on her face too ;-).

anita said...

Bravo Boo Boo!
Tante Anita is 69 years old, and does this also when she sees a puddle.

Billie said...

Love it! Eden does the exact same thing:)