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Monday, 15 September 2008

Tooth Trouble

I'm sorry about the silence here - I've been having some teeth trouble.

I had to have two wisdom teeth on my left pulled two weeks ago (wasn't a very nice experience) and while the top one healed fine, I managed to loose the blood clot in the bottom one after Possum accidentally whacked me in the face while we were playing, and I ended up with a nasty case of dry socket. It basically means that there is a hole where the tooth was, with the bone exposed. And the whole thing is now healing much slower than if there had been a blood clot protecting the bone and providing a structure to heal around. Awww. This is not funny, and seriously hurts.

The only up-side (well, sort of) is that I've been off in la-la land and legally high for the last week. I've had to take high levels of panadene and codeine, and got through this last week in a daze of pain and drugs. I don't think I was a very nice or responsive person to live with ...

Anyway, today is the first day I have managed to come out of the fog. Phew. Now I have some bills to pay, load of e-mails to reply to - and then some blog posts to write!

Can't wait to get that last remaining wisdom tooth out - NOT !!!!

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anita said...

Hallo Heike!
Aerm Koenk!!!
Du weisst was das heisst! Das ist koelsch!