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Saturday, 6 September 2008


Who's a lucky girl then!

This week, I have been given two blog awards.

The first award came from TherExtras. This award for excellence in the expression of values in a blog! How is that for a great award! Mind you, it needs some serious thinking on my part before I pass it on. The rules of this award (posted in the comments section) state that I need to share 6 values that are important to me, and 6 that I don't like before I pass the award on. Hmm. Ready?

Values that are important to me: Inclusiveness, tolerance, environmentalism, generosity of spirit, staightforwardness and helping kindness.

What I don't like is: intolerance, discrimination, hypocracy, greediness, selfishness and any form of trying to impose values on others

That all sounds a big grand and serious, doesn't it?

The second award I received this week is called "Sharing the Love" was kindly given to me by Mommy-Dearest over at The Quirk Factor.

The award is for blogs that you love, that uplift you. You know, the blogs that everyone should read, so you want to share the love? It's very nice to receive an award like this, and to know that there is some person out there in the bloggosphere that likes what I write! Especially from someone whose blog I love!

The trouble with these blog awards is, though, that you're supposed to pass them on. I don't know that many bloggers, though, and those that I do know are such "big" bloggers that it feels like an intrusion to give them an award. Wil lthey not think it too cheeky of little old me? Will they have the time to pass the award on? Will they get annoyed that I'm bothering them?

So, I feel very pleased with my awards, but slightly awkward at the same time...

But still, rules are rules (although I'm going to cheat a little and hand out only three awards each).

I bestow the values award to Equal Not Special, Terrible Palsy and Chewing the Fat of course.

And the "Sharing the Love" will have to go to Life with Ben, Hey Dad and a blog written in Afrikaans called Windpompe en Vygies. No doubt about that either.


Nelba said...

Thank you very much. I feel honoured!

Anonymous said...

I know what you mean - about being unsure of whether the awardee will be pleased or not. The first time I passed-on a blog award, the other bloggers did not even know I read their blogs.

I am pleased you posted the awards - you are very deserving of recognition of your blogging. Sincerely, Barbara