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Monday, 9 June 2008

Rain stopped the Ramp

Now that the girl is mobile, we need to get her out.

Yesterday the boys went for a play out on the street, and Boo Boo stood there, she had driven her wheelchair to the front door, pointed, and said, "me, me".

Unfortunately, no can do. You see, we've spend a bucket load of money making this house wheelchair accessible, but a few areas of work remain. One is the front entrance.

This is what it looks like:

The entrance consists of one 110 mm step, then a flat areas, then three steps of respectively 160, 170 and 180 mm height. Then comes a pebble-crete slope (3380 mm long) which leads to the driveway. Not very accessible, no.

So, our lovey builder Andrew has risen to the challenge, and designed a ramp that will make the whole area wheelchair accessible. It will include steps to go to the garage and laundry quickly (and provide Beaver with some more steps to keep going up and down, excellent physio!) while at the same time allowing us to get Boo Boo and her chair out of the car easily. And, most importantly, it will allow her to drive outside and join her brothers. We've even moved beyond mere plans, look at this - the concrete foundations are in, and the joists and bearers are in place. The decking has been delivered (and is currently clogging up our garage). All good.

But then came the rain....

And rain.

And more rain.

A whole week of pouring, endless rain.

And yes, the borrowed wheelchair did arrive (don't ask me how I got it in the car and then into the house!). Boo Boo loves it. So far, she has make some nice marks on the doors, and one hole in the wall. But she's getting very good at driving. I would nearly say pretty bloody good, considering she's two years and three months old, and it's less than a week ago that she had her first ever ride. I really do need to learn how to make and post some video. Promise.

So yesterday, she drove to the door, pointed at the boys playing outside, and said "me!"

Will you all please pray to the rain gods to give us a break for some days. Please?


Fiona said...

When you share your life with a powerchair, you grow to hate the rain ... Don't forget I have van with ramp, if you need help returning the chair.

manfred.fabig said...

Zo te zien in onze krant, is het nu bewolkt maar niet meer aan het regenen. Zal duimen dat de jonge dame met de jongens kan spelen.
Zijn dus terug thuis;

Shannon said...

Sorry I have been so quiet friend. I've been checking in but just too crazy to drop a note.
Boo-Boo looks like such a big girl with her wheels. I will do what I can to draw the rain away for a few days : )