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Tuesday, 17 June 2008


One of the quirks of the school our kids go to is that they learn, from Kindergarten on, Sanskrit. They pray in Sanskrit first, and in Year One, the script is introduced, and they gradually learn the language. For much the same reasons, really, as people learn Latin, but Sanskrit is apparently easier. I wouldn't know, as I know neither language. But I do know the Sanskrit sounds beautiful, and Hubby's Tibetan Buddhist prayers are mainly in Sanskrit, so we feel comfortable with lots of "Ohm" prayers in this house.

On Thursday, Possum casually mentioned that Beaver was in the school's Sanskrit Recital Finals for his class. Now, at the school, that's a big deal. So I asked Beaver, who equally casually confirmed. Then I checked with his teacher. You see, Beaver only started speaking 3 years ago, so him being in the Sanskrit Finals, well, it could be true.

Sure enough, he was one of the 4 finalists from his class (one from each House).

So Hubby and I made sure we weren't going to miss this event!

Here is the photo to prove to the world that yes, it was true.

And no, the boy didn't win, He was disappointed. After all, he practiced all morning (during breakfast, in the shower, in the car) and would have dearly wanted to earn 10 points for his House

But I was not the only one who noticed he got an extra loud cheer from the whole school.

His teachers were very proud of him, and many came up to me afterwards to tell me how they'd wished he had one. One mother actually wrote him a special certificate of achievement for making it into the finals and popped it in his bag.

Do I need to mention that his mum and dad were very proud?

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