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Tuesday, 1 January 2008

Summer Holiday Silence

Sorry about the silence on this end - we're enjoying the summer holidays.

No one at work or school, nowhere to go, nothing to do. After some unusually chilly Christmas weather, the sun is out, the pool is warm, and we're having a ball. We spend most of our days by the pool, swimming and having sausages (veg and non-veg) on the BBQ.


I know I should be writing about all the funny and silly and annoying things our family is getting up to - but I'm just enjoying doing nothing.

Here are some photographs to make up for the silence.
Boo Boo the Biker Girl
Possum - Holding a Bluetongue Lizard on his birthday party

Beaver - aka Jumping Jack Flash

And a rare moment - the boys playing together with the cars. So simple. Such a normal part of a boy's life. And yet, such a rare sight for us.

And a final comment. Aren't these good photo's? They were taken by Lieve, a friend from Belgium who's been staying with us for a few weeks. She's off tomorrow, back to her much missed hubby - and here are some of here pictures to "seal" her stay with us (apart from the lovely Warratahs in the garden, that is. Bedankt, Lieve, en tot binnenkort).


manfred.fabig said...

Hallo daar,
Dit zijn toch wel allemal positieve dingen die we daar zo zien en lezen. Boo boo op de fiets, now wij kunnen er vaak mee spelen volgende week;

Lieve & Stefaan said...

Hi there !!!

Back on the cold side of the world.
Thanks for the wonderful weeks and before you know I'll be back... but with my "hubby".

Give the kids a big hug from me...

Lieve & hubby Stefaan

anita said...

Lasst Booboo viel mit dem Raedchen fahren. Das ist gut fuer die Beinchen. Und Possum lernt das Schwimmen mit der Zeit auch besser wenn er die Angst ueberwunden hat.
Und Beaver wird noch australischer Meister im Schwimmen.