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Thursday, 3 January 2008

Proud of my Boys

Now look at this:

Just over a week ago, Possum refused to come into the pool. He doesn't like the water that much (hates having it in his face) and was suffering from performance anxiety. One day last week, Hubby had enough - and told him to get changed and come into the pool. Now, Possum asks to go for a swim, and look at this, swimming around with just a noodle. Next week he's going to swimming lessons with his older cousin, and I am very hopeful we will loose the noodle by the end of that...

And have a look at Beaver. Seven years old, CP, and here he is, doing a sommersault in the water. Pretty good eh? Our friend Lieve has been teaching him for the last few weeks how to do this, and yesterday, about an hour before she jumped in a taxi to go to the airport, he did it. See? I am a very proud of my boys...


manfred.fabig said...

Hallo daar in het verre Australia,
Nou, dat ziet er allemaal heel goed uit. En wat denken jullie, als opa straks komt en met de jongens 3x per dag gaat zwemmen? Possum kan na ons vertrek, - zeker weten - zwemmen, in elk geval beter als zijn oma.
tot binnenkort

anita said...

Schoen mit der Schwimmwrei von beaver