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Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Feathered Visitors

When we came home from swimming lessons this morning, these three feathered visitors were sitting in the Jacaranda tree next to the washing line. We quietly admired them, while they looked at us as if we were some interesting exotic creature. We've seen them around before (and boy, that baby has grown!), and can hear them in the evenings hunting in the bush behind the house - but to see them this close up was quite special. We are so lucky, living here..

Oh, they are Tawny Frogmouths, by the way, and are a nocturnal bird (not an owl).


anita said...

Das war aber was fuer die Kinder die drei Voegelchen zu sehen. Waren das Jungvoegel? Die Naehe zur Natur ist fuer die Kinder sehr wichtig.
Tante Anita

Shannon said...

I check up on you guys and have really enjoyed hearing your story. Apparently so much so that I have told Ben about you. We joined a health club. For many reasons but as far as my kids are concerned it is for the pool. So...we were in the pool for the first time Monday, and Ben was watching all of the kids splashing around and started to look a bit sad. With out even thinking I began to tell him about Beaver. The brave boy who lives around the other side of the world where it is summer time. The boy who walks just like him, talks like him and has always had to try as hard as him. But he is 7 now and he can swim. He can swim so well that his mama calls him Beaver. I said that I'll bet, someday he will swim just like Beaver. His face completely lifted, his energy came back and he looked at me with wonder in his eyes and said "Can I be called Dolphin then?"

Thank you for being there for my boy. He really needed you.