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Saturday, 20 October 2007

Rolly Polly and other Achievements

The young lady in our house is turning into quite a princess. She's become very vocal, nattering on all day. And when she really wants something, or really does not want something, she yells the house down to get what she wants. We've seem many little developmental leaps over the last few days. After weeks of not much, suddenly Boo Boo is doing a few new things in the space of just a few days.
She's trying out some more new sounds - we've heard "Mel" (the name of our lovely nanny), "bye", "car" and "baba" for "water". She has also started using the sign for "water" when she wants a drink. Another thing we noticed it that we play a game once, or explain something, like posting an item in a tin can, or asking her to chose a toy and give it to Mum. She seems switched on, this girl.
Even when very hungry, she will not eat when she's being fed (unless maybe chocolate). She must and shall do it herself. This has extended to food that needs a spoon. We got two bendy spoons and madam now eats all by herself (well, with a little help from Mum putting food on the spoon at this point in time). Off course, she makes an unbelievable mess - I'll take a picture after a particularly messy feed and post it. Thankfully, it's nice and warm outside, so we eat on the deck as much as possible, where the mess doesn't bother us and makes the birds happy. And inside, well, that's the blessing of a wooden floor and the wonderful invention called a washing machine.
Not content with insisting on self-feeding, Boo Boo has added another skill to her repertoire. Just the other evening, she decided she should roll over from her tummy to her back, and even back - which is much more difficult, as it involves moving her body off her arm, which gets stuck under her tummy when she rolls from her back to her front. She has also managed to swivel around clockwise when on her tummy, and has started to pull herself up. She hasn't quite got the balance to do it, but the fact that the will and intend is there is good news as far as we are concerned.
I know, I know. Most kids her age walk around by now, and here we are, getting excited about a skill most babies acquire in their first few months. Still, for our lovely Boo Boo, it' s a major achievement. And she's pleased as punch with her new skills, rolling around with a michievous grin on her face (especially at bed time!). It means some changes in the routine, as I can now no longer let her sleep in our big bed safely, so she's learning to go to bed in her cot every time. And I get to have Hubby back in bed with me. Yipeee.

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manfred.fabig said...

Ja, het zijn de heel kleine dingen in het leven van jullie kinderen die een mens zo veel vreugde en hoop kan geven. Als ik er was, begon ze toch ook al te heulen als Richard s'morgens zijn porridge aat. Dit kleine 'duveltje', maar dat is allemaal heel goed en positief. Wat de bewegingen betrefft zijn wij ook heel blij dat er 'nu wat meer beweging inzit'. Laat ons maar hopen dat ze verder in de goede richting evaluert. Veel genot, dat je nu weer met Hubbie in je eigen bed kunt slapen. Welterusten Helm