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Saturday, 20 October 2007

Back to School

We're back at school, and the kids are stuffed. They were happy enough to go back - to see their friends, and have the familiar routine back. But at the same time, the first week is always a bit of an adjustment and seems to take it out of them. This tiredness comes with one important bonus. With summer approaching, it's light very early in the morning and Mister Determined wakes up with the Kookaburra's just around five-ish. Now, we manage nearly a whole hour extra in the morning, which is a nice bonus for mum and dad.
Just before we started the holidays, Mister Determined wanted a serious word with me about school. One of his teachers, Mrs T. has been helping him with his work, especially with writing. He still struggles quite a bit with it all, and Mrs T. has been dotting out Kai's work, so that he could trace the words. While appreciating Mrs T.'s help, Mister D. really felt like having a bit more of a go. So he asked me to talk to Mrs T. when school started again this week. Which I did. And she was quite happy to give him a bit more time to do his own writing. And guess what. He's done rather well!

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manfred.fabig said...

Ik heb dit in het Engels toch niet zo good begrepen. Will dat zeggen dat Kai zelf meer wilde oefenen en dat het voor hem iets beter gaat als voordien. Mischien kun je me dat eens in het Nederlands ob een e-mail schrijven.Ook had ik graag antwoord op mein laatste e-mail omtrent Keith en onze aankomst op 11 januari.
Groetjes Helma