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Thursday, 11 October 2007

Master Builder

Possum is in that age where he just loves his Lego. He's still using mainly Duplo, and "little Lego" is on the top of his wish list for his birthday and Santa. Here a picture of a space ship he made recently, and Bindi's tree house and a tree.

As much as Mister Determined would like, he just can't play with Lego, not even the big Duplo. He just doesn't have the fine motor skills to click the blocks together easily - he will manage if he keeps trying, but by then he has long lost interest. In addition, he just cannot imagine something and then work out how to build it.

I spent most of my childhood building things - cars and boats, cities and rockets. It is one of the lasting memories of my childhood, hours and hours enjoyed away while building. This is not for Mister D. He mostly feigns disinterest, but every so often, he will try to play with his brother, especially if Possum has made two of something, like the other day. Possum made two rockets, that transformed into trains, which the two boys then drove up and down from the Blue Mountains to Sydney. They are rare moments - Mister D. tends to avoid things he finds difficult, and Possum is so used to playing on his own, and so used to his brother's clumsiness, that he prefers to play alone (or with an adult who lets him be the boss).

One of those small, insignificant things that comes with CP. It' s nothing, in the big picture of things. It's nothing compared to how CP affects some of his little mates. Yet at times it still breaks my heart.

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Shannon said...

It's the little things that get you isn't it! We deal with the big ones head on, but the sneaky ones are the real tear-jerkers. My little guy doesn't care for coloring. His shoulders aren't strong enough to allow his hand to slide smoothly so he stops trying. Now that his little sister is drawing more, he wont go near it. You have a hard job. A good but hard job. You're in my thoughts.