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The rollercoaster adventures of parenting three kids, dealing with disability and mental health - and discussing disability discrimination and how to tackle it.

Sunday, 14 October 2007

Hurting Heart

Isn't it amazing, how kids have this ability to express the world in such clear and simple ways?
This morning my sister-in-law and her family came over for brunch. The kids absolutely love it when their cousins - let's call them Kelpie and Lady Pink- come for a play, so there are always popular events.
Our two boys were born two years apart, and their cousin Kelpie came about in the middle, so he's very close to the boys. Kelpie and Possum are especially close - they are only 9 months apart, have been to Family Day Care and Preschool together, and are into the same toys and games. Unfortunately, things are a bit more difficult with Mister Determined. Although technically older than Kelpie, Mister D. admires his cousin and mostly allows him the leader spot. Despite his adoration of Kelpie, Mister D. finds is hard to play with him, not being able to understand the games, or having really no interest in the things most boys are interested in, like cars, trains, and dinosaurs. So it often happens that Kelpie and Possum end up playing together - and they play really well together - while largely ignoring Mister Determined, who hangs around being frustrated. Of course, it doesn't help that Mister D. loves playing the teacher (or, more recently, the movie director) and shouts at them, telling them what to do, often accompanied by a bell or a whistle. This has been so for the last year or two, and Possum and Kelpie have mastered the art of ignoring Mister D. Generally, he ends up playing with little Lady Pink, tagging along with her, trying to "teach" her things or "look after her". Recently however, he has been making an effort to join in with the boys, driving cars, and building dinosaur worlds, but the other two boys studiously continue to ignore him.
This morning, Mister Determined came up from the playroom looking sad and grunting unhappily.
- What's up honey?
- The boys are not sharing with me. They are not letting me play. That makes my heart hurt and I feel sad.
Didn't he just put that nicely? Mine too, Mister Determined, mine too.