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Saturday, 7 July 2007

A Home in the Making

Slowly, slowly, the house is starting to come together. The deck is back up - the timbers need cutting to size on the side and the railing needs to go up - and the inside of the house is nearing completion. From now on, it's the finishing touches, and the children's bathroom to go. Once all that is done, it's waiting for the new windows to be delivered and installed, and then we can have the floor polished and varnished, and the ceilings and walls painted. And all that with three weeks to go.
We've spent most of today at the new house, cleaning the pool (a whole new set of chores to do, yipee!) and planting some native trees. Once those are established, we will be able to grow more in the protection and shade underneath. The kids really enjoy gardening. I have to say, it is very rewarding here in Sydney. Things like wattles tend to grow quite fast, and gives the children a clear sense of achievement.

But the nicest bit was having breakfast this morning, sitting by the side of the pool. In our current house, we don't have any morning sun (well, we don't have much sun anytime), and it is very enjoyable (and nice and warm) to sit there, drinking coffee in the sun. We couldn't entirely relax (the pool fence between the house and the pool isn't up yet) with the boys running around, but it gave us a glimpse of things to come. Nice to have a level garden, and to live in a North facing house...

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