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Monday, 9 July 2007

Cabin Fever

We're in our third (and thankfully last) week of school holidays, and the kids are getting bored. It doesn't help that Daddy is really busy at work at the moment (try explaining to the kids that Dad doesn't have a holiday! They just don't seem to get it) and we've had rain for a few days. We've had lots of cranky behaviour, lots of rumbles ending in tears, and loads and loads of shitty behaviour - you know the one, where the boys walk past each other and throw a punch of a kick, just for good measure. It's driving me mad, but all the psychologists tell me to let them sort it out, so I try not to see and hear.

Today was a nice day. The girl next door came for a few hours to play with the boys, and they absolutely adore her. She kept them very busy for hours with nothing more than paper, colouring in pens, scissors, and her charm, off course. Possum drew a most amazing dinosaur world with her, consisting of many pages, one with a cave, two with a forest, one with a lagoon, and one with a sunny grass land. Then they drew some dinosaurs, cut them out, and had them walking in the dinosaur world. Magic! Meanwhile Mr. Determined drew a fat lady, as he called his blob. Turned out, after many giggles, that he meant a pregnant woman. Of course, they still had a mad rumble, and it did end in tears (but then, it's not very difficult to get Possum to burst into tears), but they had a great time.

Tomorrow we're off to check out the new Sydney Wildlife Centre in Darling Harbour. The kids are excited, not so much to see the animals, but because we're going on the train.

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