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Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Troubled Child

A family member called recently and wanted to know how our "zorgenkind" was. This is a German and Dutch word (depending on how you spell it) which means "the child that troubles you". For a few seconds, I had absolutely no idea who she was talking to. Then it dawned on me that she meant Boo Boo, who, at age 14 months, is still not sitting independently. I have her an update on how our girl is going.

It's funny though, how quickly she just returned to being our daughter, and the CP thing moved to the background of her life. I mean, it is obviously a big thing in her life. It determines her development. It largely determines the structure of our day - with therapies to attend - and it determines the layout of our new house (and therefore it determines our finances rather dramatically!). But she's just a lovely, funny, cheerful little baby girl. She brings us joy everyday, and with Mr. Determined, her small gains are like small miracles to us. Being the third child, I am so much more able to relax and enjoy her. Also, having been on this journey before, I have come to realise that "normal" is an unattainable goal, and their lives are full and rich as they are, and i feel far less pressure to do endless therapies. All my family live in Europe, far removed from Boo Boo, they don't have the benefit of seeing the child we enjoy on a daily basis.

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