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Saturday, 30 April 2016


Ladies and gentlemen - those few out there still reading this. This blog is coming to an end.

I have enjoyed this avenue to communicate and rant and rave. But it has served its purpose and will now be retired.

I started this blog to stay in touch with family and friends, and update you all on developments here. This function is now served better and easier by Facebook, and most of you have found me there. I have never changed my name, so you all know how to find me :)

The other purpose of this blog was to connect with other parents of children with disability. This blog has been very useful for that purpose, and i have connected with some fantastic people, both in Australia and overseas. I have been fortunate to meet some of the people I have met through this blog - but even those i haven't physically met i consider friends. I hope you will all get in touch if you plan a visit to Australia!

Wanting to connect with others in a similar situation is vital. It helps to share stories. It helps to rant and rave to those "in the know". And i have learned more from other parents and PwD i have met through this blog than from any other allied health professional or service provider.

But my children are now of an age where i think it is no longer appropriate that their story is out there in the world wide web. They have all reached double digits and are starting to explore the world - including the internet - on their own. This is their right, and i feel it is no longer appropriate to have my blog running possible interference.

But most importantly, as the cliche goes, life is a journey. As is parenting. Parenting a child with disability is one hell of a journey, where you get thrown in at the deep end and its sink or swim.  It is wonderful to be able to reach out to others. But i have been on the journal long enough now to know my way. Any issues i have to share are not really anymore about the kids. You probably noticed that in recent posts.

I still have plenty to say.

But its not about parenting anymore, it is more political.

And thus, this blog will close down.

I have started a new project. It's called Disability Discrimination Australia.

Feel free to join me there.

Thanks for reading.

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Glee said...

As always the personal is political :) GO Heike!