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Thursday, 15 November 2012

This chair is looking for a child

When BooBoo was two years old we bought her first electric wheelchair. It was a fantastic thing, very easy to drive and pretty cool too - we often heard other kids say "mum, I want one of those!"

The chair - it's a Permobil Koala - is specifically designed for very young or small kids. It drives very intuitively (front wheel drive) and has a lift or tilt option.

Oh, we loved that chair!

But as it goes with kids, BooBoo had outgrown it now, and the chair is looking for a new kid!

We are not selling it, we are looking for someone to use it.

This is the deal. You use the chair and keep it in relatively good nick. We own it and pay all the repair and maintenance costs. And when you no longer need the wheels, you give it back to us and we find someone else.

So, spread the word.

This wheelchair is looking for a child!


Susan W said...

Wow. How awesome are you guys? That's an offer of a lifetime.
Good stuff.
Gracie's mum

Heike said...

Just want to maximize its use - it's a bloody expensive piece of kit that's doing no good sitting around in my garage. And I don't want it to sit in someone else's shed cos they are short of cash fixing it. One day I'm going to e around formalizing this into a charity which will employ someone with a disability to organise it all... Anyone know any good pro-bono lawyers or auditors/accountants ;-)

Alison said...

Did you find a taker? I would love to try Ashlea in it. She is not quite 100cm - would she still fit in it?