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Wednesday, 5 September 2012


We are thoroughly enjoying the Paralympics in our house. Everyone (minus the oldest, who has a bit of a denial thing going on) is glued to the TV screen from the moment they get up. Twice we have arrived late at school because we just had to watch the end of an event.

Here are some photos of some of our favorite moments (so far):

Archery Silver medal winner Matt Stutzman (USA). No explanation needed.

"Our" Kurt Fernley, happy with his Silver in the Men's 5000m T54.

Australia's women's swimming relay team, the moment they realise they've won Gold. Includes 13 year old Maddison Elliot (our youngest Paralympian).

Jayme Paris, who won a Bronze medal and set a new world record in the Velodrome despite a serious case of the wobbles in the first few seconds of her ride, which nearly threw her off her bike.

Rheed McCracken, 15 years old, winning Bronze at his first ever Paralympics (men's 200m T34 sprint).

And after BooBoo met the wonderful Kylie Gauci, top player in our national Women's Wheelchair Basketball team "The Gliders" we have religiously watched every match and cheered on the ladies - especially number 11. Possum said he respected the Wheelchair Basketball players more than the two legged ones (it helps that he had a go at our last Wheelchair Sports NSW Junior come and try day) because they play "tougher". He reckons it's a sport he wouldn't mind taking up...

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