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Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Inside my Head

So I'm sitting on a stool, holding little Boo Boo on the big toilet. Yes, she has a fancy schmancy toilet and shower chair, but the girl wants to sit on the big toilet like everyone else in the family. Of course.

She does her wee wee proudly, and then pulls the toilet paper towards her with her left hand. When she has a decent size piece in her hand, she transfers it to her right hand and uses the left hand to pull hard. The toilet paper rips and she proudly holds it in her hand.

- Oh, where did you learn to do that? I ask. Did they show you that at school?

- No. Me think about that inside my head.

Smart kid eh?


Shannon said...

I love our smart cookies!

Glee said...

Yes indeed Heike "Me think about that inside my head." Unfortunately some people think that people with a physical disability cannot think about how to manage their body to get what they want. Often it is bloodywell obviously the contrary cos we live in our impaired bodies every day and we do think about how to do this or that. I just spent 3 weeks in a "Rehab" hospital where my rights to act for myself were taken away (by an inaccessible environment and attitudes of staff), I was patronised, my meds doled out to me like I couldn't manage it, restricted "no Milo at tea time" "why" "cos the diabetics are drinking it too much" FFS I AM NOT A DIABETIC!!!

I received NO rehab at all, just severe restriction of my normal capabilities because the environment did not suit me. I fought to get out saying I could only rehab in my home which fits me like a glove and which has taken years to be made that way as I have become more impaired. Now I am home I can do ordinary things which is improving my physical self no end already after only 6 days home.

I had to swear, shout, cry, weep, plead and be very sad and desperate and also angry (which I was) to be allowed to come home. Cos what the fuck would I know eh?