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Sunday, 14 March 2010

Lazy Saturday Afternoon

The boys had gone to their cousin's house for a play.

Hubby had gone for a haircut.

So mother and daughter enjoyed a quiet afternoon in the garden.

First, Boo Boo read Dickie Duck and me a story.

Then she went into the Cubby House Cafe and made me some pancakes and coffee.

And some tea for Dickie Duck - who needed to be fed, of course. Dickie Duck was very tired from playing with the green ball, you see.

All the while, the girls (Princess Leia left, and Hannah Montana, right) were having a lovely dust bath and tried hard to ignore us.

Some days, life is hard eh?


fabig said...

Heel fijn, weer iets van jullie te horen d.w.z. te lezen. Leuk te zien dat Boo Boo met die eend toch wel plezier heeft en ook leuk te zien, dat het wit geschilderte cafe nog altijd in trek is.
Nu weer aan de slag voor de komende week.

Susan, Mum to Molly said...

So glad you girls got to spend some quality time together...

Boo Boo is looking sooo grown up.

Also glad your computer facilities are improving/behaving!