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Wednesday, 18 March 2009


Beaver, Possum and their cousin Kelpie were playing bowling on the Wii.

Kelpie kept loudly checking the scores after each bowl, making sure he was winning. Possum didn't look to happy, but played on. And Beaver got quieter and quieter.

About half an hour later he came to me, looking sad and dejected.

- Mamma, I am a bad person

- No you are not! Why do you say that darling?

- Because Kelpie kept winning on the Wii, and Possum was always second, and I was always loosing. That made me jealous. And being jealous is bad. Being jealous makes me a bad person.

I told Beaver that being jealous sometimes is ok. We all feel jealous sometimes. It's not bad. It's only bad if you let it take over, if you let it rule your life and make you unhappy. It's ok to be jealous if you can understand that you are jealous, and then let it go. I told him that he should play the will to have fun, and if he wins, that's nice. If you only ever want to win, you can only ever have fun when you win. And I assured him over and over again that feeling jealous is normal, and does not make him a bad person.

Sensitive little soul eh?


fabig said...

ja, sensitive little soul. Maar je hebt heel goed erop gereageerd, zoals altijd.

Katie said...

Shucks. Tell him I had a similar problem when playing the Buzz music quiz with my best friend and her husband (best-friend-in-law?) at Christmas.

I know as much about music than he does yet is is a game where you Buzz in - not that you would ever have guessed - and the person fastest with the correct answer gets the points. Needless to say I knew all the answers but he got all the points, because my reaction time is shocking and his is good.

What can I say? Life's not fair. I did make best friend happy because apparently she usually comes last and is beaten to a pulp. On this occasion I took that honour away from her and she welcomed the break - so good did come from it!

Angela said...

Awww, please give him a hug from me.

I wanted to ask you to send me an email at angwilhelm@gmail.com so I can send you an invite to read my blog! I have gone "invite only" for the time being!