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Monday, 23 February 2009

Things to do with a girlfriend

Beaver says:

- Mum, the boys in my class say girls are yuk and they don't want a girlfriend.
- Hmm, is that right?
- The boys say that they don't want a girlfriend, but I tell them that they're wrong and they will change their minds when they get older.
- Sure thing!
- Mum, when you have a girlfriend, you kiss them, don't you?
- Yeah.
- But mum, when you have a girlfriend, you do much more than just kissing, don't you?

I brace myself thinking "oh boy, here we go." I keep a straight face and a neutral voice and reply:

- Yeah.

To which Beaver responds:

- Yeah. You also go shopping together, and all that. You do the laundry, and get petrol for the car, don't you mum?
- Sure thing Beaver.



fabig said...

ja, phew, wat voor vragen!! Goed gereageerd.
Maar je ziet daaran ook maar weer, dat wij te veel al verder denken en de onschuldige dingen vergeten!
Goed zo beaver!

Claire said...

That reminded me of an advert on TV (I have no idea what for.)
A little boy and his dad are sitting in a car, and the boy says "Daddy, where do I come from?"
Dad launches into a long explanation, which takes the whole journey. The content is just hinted at.
Boy "Wow, Katy only comes from France!"

Dianne said...

Too cute ;-).

gertraud said...

Was für süße Fotos. Eine nasse und fröhliche Boo Boo und ein fleißiger stolzer Possum. Super getroffen!