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Thursday, 1 January 2009

Kenzo is coming

Ok. So he's not exactly what I had in mind. He's not exactly what I was thinking about. He's probably not the one I would have picked out of a crowd.

But here is our probable new family member: Kenny.

When we got to Monika's doggie rescue today, we met a big shaggy old grey dog. The kids loved him straight away. He was no rescue dog though but someones pet. But then when the first possible dog was brought up to us, she jumped and barked full of excitement. Boo Boo pulled a face, Possum hid behind his Oma, and Beaver ran back to the car. Not a good start. There was no way Beaver was coming back. So there was some discussion between Monika and her volunteers. And then they brought out Kenny. My first thought was "Oh no, not another little yapper. And such a stupid name" (you know, that dunny guy movie spoiled it for the name Kenny!).

But Kenny was quiet and sweet. Possum was straight away happy to pat him, and even keen to take him for a walk, holding the lead. Beaver was instantly smitten with Kenny. Kenny ignored Boo Boo's powerchair and the other dogs and came walkies with us, happy but not overly excited. Didn't bark once. He stood out from the crowd. Hubby liked him straight away too. And I was warming to him. Thinking, he's small. Compact. Sweet. Easy to transport. Happy in our fenced pool area for a while if I need to go shopping. Possum is comfortable with him. He doesn't bark much, so Beaver likes that. He's not scared of the wheelchair.

Yes, I still want a beautiful Golden Retriever. One day. But I had to admit, Kenny was a perfect fit for our family at this point in time. And then he came up to me and put his two paws on my legs and looked at me lovingly.

Yes, a smart little dog. Knows where his bread is buttered. So Kenny it is.

Tomorrow Hubby will go to the hardware store and get some wire to put along the pool fence so Kenny will not be able to squeeze through. And when that's done, we will go and pick up Kenny.

Who will be renamed Kenzo (a perfect big Aussie name for a little dog).


Cindi said...

What an adorable dog and all the traits for a family with small children. At this point you are smart to adopt Kenzo. We have a goldendoodle puppy and two teenage boys and it is like having a small horse in the house. We are almost overwhelmed with the size and we are all grown.

Robjess said...

I'm jealous. I think I'm going to have to dog-nap him from you at my first chance :)

Shannon said...

So happy for you! Not just the dog, but the alergy thing is great! We have a lab/retriever mix who was getting old so we started thinking puppy, get the old dog to break in the new dog but then our old dog took a turn for the worse. New we are living with a 60 pound dog shaped rug that sort of resembles Skeletor and hubby says for get the puppy idea. I will be living vicariously!

anita said...

Oh, ist das ein suesses Huendchen. Wenn die Kinder mit ihm zurecht kommen und ihn lieben, dann ist doch alles ok.
Ich freue mich fuer die Kinder und fuer Euch.
Tante Anita