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Thursday, 11 December 2008

Standing Up

We went to softplay today - I needed some stuff from the Mall, and it was a rainy sort of a day. The boys like softplay very much, and Boo Boo mostly enjoys the ballpit.

We all climbed up to the top level and gathered in front of a suspended tunnel. Possum was contemplating crawling through but wasn't entirely sure.

Suddenly two kids came from around the corner.

- We are lions, and we're not letting anyone in they shouted. To which Beaver replied

- Nonsense. We are tigers, and we're coming in.

Hearing the word tigers, Boo Boo roared, and we all chimed in. The kids looked stunned. Then Beaver climbed in. And the kids ran away.

I was shocked.

I think this is the first time I have known Beaver to stand up to strange kids, let alone strange kids that challenged him. I just couldn't believe it!

And then another amazing thing happened. My two boys - who normally would happily murder each other - ganged up against those two kids, and spend the remaining time chasing them, and being chased by them. A united sibling front. Just when I thought it would never be possible.

In the end, the little girl threw Beaver a final challenge on her way out.

- I'm four you know, she said.

- Yeah well, I'm eight replied Beaver. And then went for the final kill to the crestfallen girl

- And we're still playing, and you are out and going home, ha ha.

My son the bully! Just being a pesky little boy to some other kids. And staning up for himself. Can you believe it?


fabig said...

Jongens, doe maar verder zo, voral beaver. Zet je door, je zult het wel leren. Zijn trots op jullie.

Cindi said...

Congratulations! I remember the first time my very passive little boy stood up for himself to his friends. We were all so excited.

Gina said...

Yay tigers!

therextras said...

Way cool!