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Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Run boy run

We had fun at the school sports carnival today.

We are not a sporty type of family, but we do enjoy a good laugh. Possum was very worried about not winning any races. Beaver was a bit dejected knowing he would win no races. So this morning I talked a lot about how everyone has different strengths, about the fun of participating, the courage of taking part even if you can't win, and having fun, and about entertaining the audience if you know you're going to loose anyway.

So come race time, Beaver ran. He ran the 50 meters

and then he ran some more. He ran the 100 meters

And, believe it or not, he then ran the 400 meters.

I was so stunned to see him in that race that I forgot to push the "record" button on my video camera!

Pretty soon into the race, Beaver lost puff. I ran towards him, and got there just when he had to stop because of a stitch. I lifted him on my back, and together we finished the race!

In the mother's relay race, our team was one person down, so in the end I had to run twice. Needless to say we didn't win.

But we had fun.

Tomorrow, I will post some footage of the egg and spoon race, where you will see all three children take a starring role...


Jodi said...

I am really proud of Beaver. I remember watching my daughter's swim races all summer when she was 14. She was last every single race, but I was so proud of her for sticking with it.

Sharon said...

True grit, that boy has.

He ran those races knowing he wouldn't win, but he ran his socks off anyway. Good on him!