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Friday, 1 August 2008


We have a thief in the house.

Last Saturday, Daddy and Beaver had a sleep in the big bed and Possum, Boo Boo and I went to the park. After the park I bought the kids some ice-cream, and after they finished, I got a take-away one for Beaver, and a really nice biscuit for me. Which somehow ended up on the kitchen bench top while I was attending to other matters.

Until Possum screamed "Mam, she's got your bikkie"...

Now you see, this wheelchair we've got for Boo Boo has this nifty little control that lets her move the chair up higher. Like this.

This means she can access the table - very handy when visiting a cafe - or the sink - good for washing hands - or even the kitchen counter - not so handy when mum is cooking dinner and an exploring two year old comes driving along.

Or when there is a yummy biscuit on the kitchen bench top. You see, like this.

And so, the young lady spotted the bikkie, drove up to the counter, raised her chair, picked up the bikkie, lowered her chair (neatly obeying the "don't drive with the chair up" rule) and then drove herself off to a quiet corner to secretly munch on my special treat. Only to be thwarted by her equally eagle eyed brother!

Well, I took it off her, and she laughed. She knew darn well it was not hers to take. Cheeky bikkie thief!


I'm re-considering all this independence stuff....


tanteanita said...

Das leckere ,"Nice biskuit" haette ich auch heimlich gegessen. Recht so BooBoo.
Tante Anita

Shannon said...

Beauty! I can't imagine the mischief my little monkeys would get into if they had a lift. Best of luck my friend :)