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Friday, 11 July 2008

A Whole Lot of New Gear

This week was another biggie. Lots of things that have been long in planning came to fruition.

The ramp is pretty much finished, as is some cladding we had done to the house. Our builders have done a great job, and the ramp has actually lifted the whole look of the house from dowdy to inviting. Proof that accessible doesn not have to look bad!

This week also saw the arrival of Boo Boo's wheelchair (her "car" as she calls it) and our new car - the very first brand new car we ever owned. When I drove it home I wondered what the little digital display number 21 in the corner was - until it dawned on me that it was the Odometer. I've never had a car with only 21 kilometers on it!

To Boo Boo's delight we can now easily put her "car" in our car - and there is still plenty of space for the ramp, her pram, a little chair for her, and mamma's shopping.

We've had our first outing to the local shopping centre with Boo Boo (and off course, collected our first stupid comments from total strangers) who loved showing off her driving skills to all the shopkeepers we know. The 5 minute walk to the shops took us about an hour as Boo Boo had to drive into every driveway, check out every fence, letterbox, car, tree and what have you along the way. She was enjoying her new found freedom. I wasn't so pleased though. I had not had my morning coffee yet, and getting to Daeyong's cafe at the shops took way too long for my liking! Still, I tried to hold my tongue, not wanting to spoil the event for her (too much - I admit I'm pretty cranky without my morning coffee fix).

And today we went out to buy a portable foldable ramp to take the wheelchair in and out of the car. We're all set now - and considerably poorer - with all the gear in place! Watch our Sydney, here comes the wild'n weird bunch...

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manfred.fabig said...

Nou, dat ziet er allemaal goed uit. Arme meid moest zoooo lang op haar koffie wachten, wat erg. Dat begrijp ik heel goed. Is toch wel een hele gebeutenisgeweest deze week.
Hoop het binnenkort allemaal zelf te zien en te 'voelen'.