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Tuesday, 15 July 2008


Boo Boo was in bed, I finished scratching Beavers' back, and now it was time to go and say goodnight to Possum.

Possum told me that he loved me very much. He said he loved me every day, and would love me every day in the future, even after he dies, and even after I die. He promised me that when I die, he will think of me every day. Even after he dies, and I have died, he will think of me every day. And if he comes back in his next life as a mosquito, he will think of his people-mamma every day.

Then he gave me "infinity kisses and hugs", and said "see you in the morning". Such a sensitive little soul.

This morning I had asked him to repeat something I hadn't heard (with the builder drilling outside and Boo Boo endlessly beeping the horn on her wheelchair). He got really cranky with me and told me off for "ruining his day by getting him to repeat what he said".

Isn't he a little gem?


manfred.fabig said...

Wat een ventje! Daar valt niets meer te zeggen! Eigenlijk typisch voor hem.

Susan, Mum to Molly said...

I love the absolutes and extremes of the magical five-year-old.

I get a lot of "Oh Yuck! I HATE [XYZ]. Its the worst thing in the world!"

[XYZ] can be pretty much anything, including things previously loved by said five-year-old, e.g. custard.


Shannon said...

I love it! Sounds so much like both of my little monkeys.
Love the vid of BooBoo and can hardly believe what you have accomplished in the last few months. Amazing! We are on our summer break so I have accomplished, um, nothing : )