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Thursday, 19 June 2008

Soccer Mad

Today a big square box arrived in the mail. As soon as the boys were home, they spotted it and ran over to it. After some extensive examination, it was found that it had all three the children's names on it, and came from a place called "Belgium"! So with mounting excitement, they ripped the box apart. Out came a European Championship real leather soccer ball. Beaver instantly lost interest. Possum whooped with joy. Boo Boo said "ball - me!"

And then, Possum and Boo Boo proceeded to play soccer in our living room. That is actually possible - our house has been emptied of most furniture while Boo Boo learns to drive. Somewhat Zen, although it feels a bit like we're living in a warehouse...

Anyway, there was a 5 year old boy, being chased by a 2 year old girl in a powerchair, all followed by a 7 year old boy who decided he didn't want to play but had to referee the other two. And mum joined in for a little while too.




Thank you Oma Helma and Opa Manfred.

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manfred.fabig said...

Now, dat was vlug. Jammer van beaver, maar miesschien zal hij later ermee spelen. Je ziet, je kunt het niet iedereen goed doen. Als troost dan toch zeker de pepermuntjes.