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Monday, 30 June 2008

A New Friend

It's late tonight, so just a short post for today. I know I have a whole busy week to catch up with, but with the boys on holidays, life is hectic at the moment. But don't worry, I will get there.

So, let me tell you how lucky I am to have made a new friend last week. When Boo Boo took her Koala for a drive to Oma and Opa's house last week we stayed for a play, and by the time we made our way back home, it was getting dark. The chair comes with some lights, so we figured we might as well turn them on. They were actually quite useful in highlighting the path in front of us. But is also made us very visible to a family living between us and Oma and Opa's house (which is literally just around the corner from our house) returning home. One of the kids noticed the wheelchair and came up, soon followed by his mum. We started chatting, and I mentioned I had an older child with the same condition. The mother wanted to know where I live, and she seemed delighted to discover how close we were.

"I'll come and see you some time soon" she said.

I was looking forward to that, but didn't expect her to turn up the next day. Soon I found out why.

You see, my new friend Susan has nine year old triplets. Yep, three for the price of one! And two of them deal with some ADHD and High Functioning Autism (or Aspergers).

A fellow 'special needs' mum literally around the corner!

And you know what? She's really nice too!

How lucky can I get!

Someone to chat to. Compare notes with. Someone who only needs half an explanation to understand some of the daily, tiny things that make life difficult. Wonderful!

Sure, our kids have different issues. But we struggle with the support services, with other people's prejudices, with the daily moments of exclusion our kids face.

We have since met Susan's kids, and Possum and Susan's boy enjoyed a play together . Boo Boo was delighted to have two older girls in the house, and Beaver just loves another adult to chat to.

The only pity is that she has two dogs. I am very allergic to all things furry and Possum is petrified about dogs. But we will go and pop round anyway. This is just too wonderful.


manfred.fabig said...

Deze kennismaking lijkt mij heel erg interessant voor alle twee moeders, en ook een goede ervaring voor de kinderen.
Je ziet maar hoe dichtbij soms leuke mensen zijn.

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