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Friday, 27 June 2008

Big Week

I have 5 minutes of stolen time to let you know we've had a big big week.

Last weekend, I took the wheelchair and ramp to a car dealership and spend a few hours trying different Tarago models and various permutations of how to fold chairs to get the wheelchair and ramp in the car. It was an enlightening exercise.

On Monday, we ordered a wheelchair for Boo Boo. We also made a new friend that day.

Tuesday was the last day at school for the boys, and a bad day for Beaver - he had to endure a pretty unpleasant teasing experience at school that day.

Wednesday was the first day of the nearly 4 weeks winter holiday, and our big day at Westmead Children's Hospital with our brand new top neurological team.

On Thursday, we trialled a Mulholland walker for Boo Boo.

Today, on Friday, I'm trying to relax a bit. Boo Boo is sleeping, and in between playing with the boys, washing up pots and pans, doing lots of laundry (the weather is sunny and windy, so perfect for hanging clothes on the line) and Mike's noise sawing the railings for the ramp, I've literally stolen five minutes to write this post. If I have the energy, I will write again tonight (although I admit that Fridays I generally collapse in front of the TV). If I don't make it, I will post tomorrow. About the incident at school. The visit to the neurologist. Our new friend Susan and her three kids. And the walker. And just to give you a hint on the latter, here is a picture. The OT was a bit worried that giving Boo Boo a power chair might make her a bit lazy. I think giving her a sense of freedom has given her a motivation to get walking. What do you think?


Shannon said...

I'm so intrigued, little tastes of "yet to come".
I have also stolen a few minutes and am instead using my time to check in. Can't tell you how sorry I am about the teasing. Doesn't even matter to me what it was. Still makes me sad for Beaver. Boo Boo on the other hand looks positively joyful in the walker. Love it!
Hope all of you enjoy your break!

Susan, Mum to Molly said...

Look forward to hearing more about your big week.

We Susans are a lovely lot! ;-)

Very glad to hear you've ordered a powerchair - how is it being funded?? Don't tell me PADP have approved it already?!?

Also interested in your new car/van ideas, as we are also looking atm - the VW Caddy Life if high on our list...

Enjoy your weekend, and the fab new ramp!

Susan, Mum to Molly

Anonymous said...

I believe that children are MORE motivated to move themselves (walk) after using a power chair.

She's old enough to learn limits on use of the chair, if you choose to set them.

Mostly great news. Congrats. Barbara