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Friday, 30 May 2008

Open Day and Fair

Last Sunday, the boys' school had its annual Open Day and Fair. Here are some pictures taken on the day. You will notice the boys' absence. That's because we barely saw them. After the formalities were over - for them that meant singing in what's known as the Infants Choir - they ran off. Hubby got them an all day pass wristband to the rides and off they went. Both boys spent the entire day running around with friends, visiting us occasionally to ask for some junk food or lunch. This is a new experience for us, we're used to Beaver hovering around us. Seems like he's finally confident enough to go off on his own. Wonderful.

Boo Boo's favorite event of the day was the Pony Ride (she had 3 goes!) closely followed by the Baby Animal Farm. And while she enjoyed the baby farm animals very much (especially the feeding) she emphatically did not like the reptile man with his snakes and crocodiles (which Possum off course, absolutely loved).

The Infant's Choir. You can find Possum in the first row to the left, and Beaver hiding in the second row, just left from the teacher who directs the choir.

Firefighters Boo Boo and Jess hard at work.

"Me more. More."


Susan, Mum to Molly said...

Great to see that Beaver is feeling more comfortable with spreading his wings and flying a bit further afield.

So, what's the damage on the Fall-a-Thon front? Not too many bloody knees I hope...

Hope you all have a great weekend, Susan

PS: Don't suppose you were at SCH today? Thought I saw your car there...

Heike said...

Beaver raised $ 47 for his fall-a-thon. Not bad eh - and it wasnt' too bad either. We only had three blood falls in those two weeks. He proudly handed in his cash on the Open Day and felt like he was quite the man...

And no, wasn't me. Our car has an Inclusion sticker, and a "disabled kid with attitude" sticker. If you see those, the car looks dirty and full of kids' junk on the inside, then it's us!