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Wednesday, 14 May 2008


Two weeks ago, the kid's school held a walkathon. This meant the kids got to walk around the Oval oppostite the school and collect money from family-and-friends sponsors for each lap completed. The money raised goes towards Smart Boards for the new classrooms being built at the moment.

I was a pretty proud mum. Possum did 21 laps (pretty good for a 5 year old boy) and Beaver did 11 (pretty good for a 7 year old boy with CP).

Then, yesterday, the walkathon came up in our chat. Beaver mentioned that walking is easy for the other kids but not for him. He noted that for him, falling is easier. So I joked that we could do a fall-athon – and he thought that was quite funny

So now, we’re doing a fall-athon from now (well, yesterday) until the school Open Day in 2 weeks time. For every fall I will give him a dollar, and for every big fall (meaning, one with blood) he gets two dollars. Yesterday, he had 8 falls, one bloody. He will personally deliver the money he raises to the walkathon tally.


manfred.fabig said...

Ik weet wel niet wat en athon is, (niet in mijn woordenboek), maar ik kan wel denken wat het is. Die fallathon is een prima idee voor beaver, maar pass op dat hij niet express fallt, om zo je portemonnai leeg te maken!!!!!!!

Susan, Mum to Molly said...

Please tell Beaver that we would like to sponsor him too.

Lets say 50 cents per fall - but only if he promises not to fall over any harder or more often than is absolutely necessary!

Let me know the total - what's the tally up to so far??

Greetings from, Susan & Molly

Heike said...

Hey - thay's very nice of you! I won't tell him, just to be on the safe side. He would do that, he would!

Thankfully, he's only had a fall a day since the 8 falls-day, so we're at 10 falls so far, one week to go...

Some crazy family we are eh?