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Saturday, 26 April 2008


It's been nearly three weeks since I changed a poo nappy. Yes, you read that right.

Just in case you don't believe me, let me say it again. It's been nearly three weeks since I last changed a poo nappy. And no, the little mite has not been constipated. No.No, no, no.

Boo Boo only turned two earlier this month. And now, she has decided she's a big girl, and goes to the potty.

Yes, she goes to the potty.

She initiated this totally by herself. She's been wanting to take me to the toilet, and has been busy watching mamma and dadda and the big boys go there. So one day, I told her that when she's a big girl, mamma would get her a potty. She nodded sternly. I asked "Does Boo Boo want to try a potty now?" and she nodded vigorously. So I went down to the laundry, and dusted off the old potty

Since that day, the young madam has been doing her poo poos (and the odd wee) on the potty. She signs when she wants to go (we use the sign for "toilet" rather than "potty") and off she goes. We've only had one accident, on an afternoon when we had lots of kids running around the house, and in the excitement she either forgot to sign, or I missed the moment.

We have gone from marathon sessions to now quite targeted "ask for potty - on the potty - do the business" sessions. When she's done she says "bye bye" or answers affirmative to my "Potty finished?" question, and that's that.

The only problem I have with it is that the pull-ups are all to big for her (she's still very small because of her reflux) and they don't seem to catch her wee, so I have to use traditional nappies, which aren't that quick to take on and off (and don't seem to come in my biodegradable nappy brand.

But gee, I am seriously chuffed. That is pretty good for a kid with a neuro-muscular disorder. And may I just take a moment here to brag - of all the cousins, she's the fastest so far (unless you're up for the challenge, Rommers!?). And all this initiated by her.

've not wanted to post on this, since I didn't want to jinx things, but we have now reached a comfortable stage and I dare to hope. Once this whole thing has become routine, we'll start working on the wees. Life without nappies suddenly seems like an attainable goal in a much faster time-frame than I anticipated!

And just because I'm so proud, here is a picture (don't worry, it's all very decent).


Dianne said...

Wow! That's so impressive! What a clever little girl ;-). And a gorgeous pic!

manfred.fabig said...

Congratulations Boo Boo. Now you are a really big girl and when I see the picture, you are also wearing your shoes.
Big Big girl. I'm proud of you.
Your grandparents in Europe

anita said...

Das Madaemmchen sitzt ja auf dem Throenchen stolz wie ein grosses Maedchen.