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Monday, 7 April 2008


Again, silence at this end. That's because we're crook.
I've not been feeling well all of last week, you know, a bit of a cold, and that general feeling unwell. I was counting on a nice quiet weekend to recover a bit. But, no luck. I mean, the weekend was great. On Saturday Boo Boo had her second birthday party, and on Sunday we caught up with some friends, and Beaver did it again - he played with the other kids!
But, the big weekend must have taken its toll on Boo Boo - by Sunday evening, she started coughing. All evening. And then, all night.
This off course means that she hardly slept. Nor did I. And as a result, I am really crook now. You know, the heavy head, dripping nose, hot face (so far a temperature just under fever), sore throat and cough. And Boo Boo's face is permanently wet - from tears, from drooling (must be the sore throat that's setting her off), and from some majestic boogers hanging out of her nose. Delightful!
We've skipped therapy today and instead been to the chemist; and are now fully stocked up, so tonight should be a bit of a better night. Hopefully that means I feel better soon - I have lots to write about!
For now, let me leave you with some pictures, while I go and collapse in front of the TV - just the news, and then off to bed.

Playing cricket with Jessie

Isn't he gorgeous?

Mister Casual on the bar stool

And here some pictures of the big girl birthday. We've been practicing the birthday song all week, and each time she proudly lifts up her arms at the "hip hip hurrah" part.

Boo Boo was soooo exited about all the visitors, and the cake (in the first picture she signs "cake", in the second one, she points excitedly. And then we all sang "Happy Birthday" and she promptly burst into tears. Classic!


Shannon said...

Happy Birthday Boo Boo! What a gorgeous two year old you have. We had a Birthday party this weekend as well. Sang the song and Ben and Kiera nearly lost it. So we're improving : )

Love the pictures of the boys. So great to catch such beautiful looks.

Feel better soon!

Servidores said...

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Susan, Mum to Molly said...

Sorry to hear you're suffering the winter bugs already.

We are the same - and feeling pretty cheated to be dealing ear infections etc. this early in "the season".

Hopefully the colds will count as the third 'bad thing' and that'll be the end of your unlucky trio.

Happy Happy Birthday to your gorgeous Boo Boo! It was her party and she cried if she wanted to!!