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Sunday, 2 March 2008

Wild Hair

Unlike me at that age, Boo Boo loves the shower, and loves having her hair washed.


Shannon said...

Just gorgeous!
My kids don't love the shower but they are getting used to it because we are spending more time at the pool. I recently asked a doc about Ben swimming. She thought that about a year of one-on-one lesson work may get him closer to swimming but she wasn't sure about him being an independent swimmer. I was a little sad that she didn't just say of course he'll learn to swim but decided to start lessons when the new session starts. Then 4 days ago Ben learned to float on his back! It only lasted seconds but who cares! He's learning.

Heike said...

Well Shannon, it took Beaver about three years of regular swimming (weekly) but now he can do it. Swimming is off course very important here, with so many people having pools, and the beach and many creeks. More important than driving a car for me - well, that's what i'm saying now...
Don't give up... Our bodies naturally float, so als long as Ben can relax in the pool (which comes with increased exposure) i should think he'll be fine.