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Tuesday, 25 March 2008

It's Good to Have Friends

An amazing event occurred over this Easter Weekend in our house.

We had a friend visiting with her two daughters. They've just returned from a two year stint in Moscow, and we were chuffed to be catching up. The two girls, let's call them Ida and Dana, are 6 and 3, so a bit younger than our two boys (who are 7 and 5), and both very social and chatty despite the fact that they had not seen us in years, and had never been to our house before. Wonderful, to see such confident children. But, I digress.

As always, Possum spend most of the time playing with Ida - Dana, the youngest, started off amusing herself with the pile of stuff in the toy room. But then, after we had a dip in the pool, a miracle happened.

Beaver and Ida had been playing in the pool together. Their swimming abilities set them apart from the two younger children, and so they were drawn to each other. They ended up sharing a hot shower together (very sweet) and then played some mad game which involved Beaver lying on the floor on his tummy, and Ida sitting on top of him. This produced lots of merriment, and there were times both were in stitches laughing. Possum was quite a bit put out - he's not used to his brother stealing his playmate on him!

At some point, we decided to calm the children down a bit. We pulled out some books, put on a Pooh Bear movie, and things gradually settled down. Possum started playing with little Dana, Ida read a book to Boo Boo, and then decided to snuggle up to Beaver and watch some TV.

It was absolutely wonderful for us to see Beaver play with another child. It was largely an imaginary game, the only ones he really plays. In fact, he still has such difficulties playing with toys or games, that the school special educator has floated the idea of play therapy.

Still, here he was, playing. Making friends.

That evening , he went to bed very satisfied - and very curious to find out from us if he could possibly marry Ida. He worked out she was a girl, so that's OK (we've had to have the "you're not allowed to marry a boy in Australia at the moment" conversation with the boys), but wanted to know if she was in any way related to us?)

His mum and dad went to bed equally satisfied. There is hope for friendships yet.

Possum and "Dana"

"Ida" and Boo Boo sharing a book

And Beaver enjoying having his newly cut hair checked for nits by his new friend.

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