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Friday, 15 February 2008


There are moments you could just sing with joy!

Boo Boo did something extraordinarily today. Extraordinary simple for most kids here age. Amazing for her. She played with the bottom drawer in the kitchen, pulling all the plastic pots and lids out. Nothing special? Think again.

I had an appointment at The Spastic Centre yesterday. Nothing important, just one of those "let's see where you're at" meetings.

Michele the OT was impressed with Boo Boo's cognitive development, and told me it was time for a radical change. "This kid needs to get mobile" she said. "Yeah, right", I'm thinking, we're talking about a little girl that can't sit independently, so getting mobile seems a bit off the mark to me. But I hadn't counted on Michele's inventiveness.

Michele pointed out that any kid her age is getting around, either walking or crawling, and discovering the world. According to her, Boo Boo was ready for this, in fact needed it as part of her development. So, it's time to investigate a small motorised wheelchair for her. I must admit, I didn't even know they came for kids this young, but I guess it makes sense, so someone somewhere surely makes them. She will get this process started. In the meantime, Michele said, "let's give her a Silver Fox to teach her to drive and steer and explore". A what?

Off she went, and you should have seen Boo Boo's face light up when she saw the little red motorbike Michele came back with. Boo Boo loves ride-on toys, and this one was no exception. It didn't take her long to work out how to make it go (it has been adapted by Technical Aid for the Disabled) and off she went, cruising along the long corridors of TSC Ryde, squealing in delight.

We were allowed to take the Silver Fox home, and Boo Boo had another go this morning. She drove around the whole house, pointing to me where she wanted to go and me steering - that's one skill she's yet to master.

She drove to Possum's room. There, she opened his wardrobe and pulled all his pant out onto the floor. Mess! Fun! She drove to the speakers next to the radio and danced, pointing at the speakers. Yes, that's where the music comes from. She waved "bye bye" to Mamma, and drove herself to the bathroom, to have a good look at that funny toilet thing we all use, and to check out the bottom of the sink. She drove to the kitchen, to open the bottom drawer with the plastic containers and lids. She opened and closed the drawer many many times. Chucked the containers on the floor. Giggled, put them back in, and threw them out again. Pulled a face when her fingers got ever so slightly stuck in the drawers. Oh, the joys of exploring your environment. The freedom! She was squealing and drooling in delight.

Such simple things; suddenly within her reach. Magic. Pure magic.

So now I'm off to toddler-proof the house and learn how to put video onto the web...


Susan, Mum to Molly said...

Yay Boo Boo!
You go girl!!
Her happiness and sense of achievement is so obvious.

I am surprised we didn't run into you at TSC Ryde on Thursday - we were there too, and saw the same OT.

It would seem that we had very different experiences there though... I am very happy for you all, and especially Boo Boo - but seeing this, I feel incredibly sad about where we are at.

I yearn for the day I have to toddler-proof the house. I fear it will never come.

Jodi said...

That is the coolest thing ever!

Jacqui said...

That is pretty cool! I love the wizzy bug but it's a bit expensive to get over here - would be perfect for boo boo though.

Jacqui said...

That is pretty cool! I love the wizzy bug but it's a bit expensive to get over here - would be perfect for boo boo though.

Shannon said...

Go Boo Boo Go!
I got goose bumps thinking about a girl’s first step into taking apart the house. I am so happy for her and can just imagine how wonderful it was to see your little girl just being a toddler.