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Saturday, 1 December 2007

And this is the sign for Biscuit

Boo Boo is expanding her repertoire of signs. See, this is the sign for "biscuit".
She can also sign "water", "food", "light", "milk", "more" and "grapes". The signs are not perfect, as she doesn't quite have the fine motor skills to do that, but they are good approximations and she uses them clearly and appropriately.
Boo Boo is also getting more adventurous with sounds. She quite clearly says "Mamma", "more","yeah" and has once or twice said "Dadda", "car" and "go" and approximates her brothers' names. She's also copying what we say. Yesterday she tried "blueberry" (which sounds like "bu-be-bih" and today "umbrella" ("um-be-bah").
Good eh?


manfred.fabig said...

ja, dat klinkt ja allemaal heel positief. Verder zo kleine meid. En maar hopen dat alles de goede kunt uitgaat. We hebben het al eens eerder meegemaakt.

anita said...

Schoen Boo boo!
Kennst du jetzt auch das Zeichen fuer Schokolade? Schoen fleissig ueben. Dann bekommst du viel Schokolade von Oma und Opa.
Deine Tante Anita