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Thursday, 15 November 2007

This is why I love Christine

Have a look at this:

Mister Determined has been fascinated for a long time now by high heeled shoes. So when he spotted my friend Elizabeth's high heeled boots, he was excited - and even more so when she allowed him to try them on. Christine, our Feldenkreis therapist was here for a session with Mister D. Not only did she let him try out the boots, she actually felt he walked really well in them (as they forced him to slow down and concentrate on his walking) and we should buy him some. And then, she took is hand and danced with him!

This is why I love her. Your average therapist would not even consider letting a kid with CP and serious balance and walking issues put on high heeled boots. Christine, on the other hand, is prepared to work along with Mister Determined's interests. After he took off the boots, he slipped in Chrisinte's shoes, and they spend the rest of the session walking around the house, and up an down the stairs, in her shoes, while she guided him.

Isn't this woman gorgeous?

And don't you think our oldest would make a nice trannie?

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