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Friday, 2 November 2007

Teeth Trouble

Mister Determined considers himself a big boy now. You see, he’s got his first adult tooth.

Some evenings ago Hubby spotted it when helping with the evening teeth-brushing ritual. We were both very surprised – the tooth was quite far out, and he hadn’t said a thing about it, it was just there, right there in the bottom of his mouth, hiding behind his left milk tooth. We figure that it must have come up in the recent school holidays, and with Mister Determined on a three times daily dose of painkillers because of his finger, he probably wasn’t too bothered by it. Still, you’d think he’d have felt is and said something.

Anyway, I rang the dentist, and she told us to start wobbling the milk tooth in front vigorously every day to help ease it out – otherwise she’ll have to pull it. So we’ve been wobbling. Mister Determined is not too keen on all this wobbling stuff, but the tooth is now loose, especially after Mister D. bit on a hard cracker the other day (and he’s been asking for soft food ever since). It seems a matter of days now until he can proudly show off his big tooth. He’s a bit worried about it all – will it hurt? Will there be lots of blood? What will it feel like? But he’s proud as punch the same time.

The funniest thing about the whole tooth episode, though, is his little brother’s reaction. The evening we discovered the tooth, Possum threw a massive tantrum – he is jealous beyond belief! Arghhhh, it’s sooooo hard being a younger brother.

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